The City of Lisbon Inspired the Design of This Surprisingly Luxurious Student Residence

"Designer living" isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when talking about student accommodations.

But the United Kingdom-based Collegiate A.C—who has been offering superior student accommodations at university towns across the nation—will be bringing their high-design aesthetic to their first European location.

Starting in September 2017, the Collegiate Marquês de Pombal in Lisbon will provide students exquisite dorm rooms inspired by the capital city that are chock-full of amenities—and they're not a bit like the ones you remember from your college days. In addition to the hotel-like student bedrooms, the residence also offers a 24-hour concierge service, a serene public space, private fitness suite, swimming pool, on-site cinema, a game room, and more. 

In order to channel the spirit of the city, Collegiate AC hired the UK-based firm Design Command to helm the project. Their design team was committed to giving Collegiate Marquês de Pombal the distinctive flavor of Lisbon, in addition to maintaining the high standard that Collegiate AC infuses into all their properties. The team incorporated the building's heritage into their design, and partnered with talented Lisbon local artists and designers—instilling an even stronger sense of local heritage within the residence. 

Students will surely enjoy study breaks in the communal areas that feature industrial elements and concrete walls inspired by Lisbon's historic LX Factory, as well as warm, metallic tones that give the building the welcoming feeling that Collegiate AC residences are known for.  

So, join us on a tour with the design team from Design Command to see what inspired this revolutionary student residence. 

"Lisbon is traditionally decorated with blue and white, as you can see in the many ceramic tiles on the buildings' facade. We wanted this tradition to be reflected in our scheme, so for example, we added a touch of blue to the bedrooms, and warmed them up with brown, brass, and copper elements." - Design Command

"The street art featured in the property was commissioned by a local artist. We felt partnering with a local artist would instill a strong sense of local heritage within Collegiate Marquês de Pombal. We did provide a vague brief, but we also wanted him to follow his own inspiration, so the very final result will partly be a surprise for us all." - Design Command. Pictured is the Reception Area.

"We chose to reflect the feel and calming effect of nature through the use of native Portuguese plantings in order to create a relaxed and inspirational environment. This, coupled with the extensive natural light source, makes this a truly amazing space to live in." - Design Command. Pictured is the Skylight Room.

"The use of foliage is our interpretation of 'greenery,' which is the Pantone color of the year—as it brings the same fresh feeling to the interiors". - Design Command. Pictured is the gym. 

"Communal areas show more industrial elements and concrete walls: the inspiration for this comes from the historic LX Factory in Lisbon." - Design Command. Pictured is the swimming pool. 

"Again, our goal was to accent the warm, welcoming feeling that's typical of Collegiate AC residences. We used warm metal tones like copper and brass, soft furnishings, and rugs." - Design Command. Pictured is the Game Room.

"What we try to achieve is a mixture of high-end and industrial chic; and obviously, furniture plays a key role in the look and feel of luxurious living spaces." - Design Command. Pictured is the Cinema.


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