The City As Seen

All formats and media are encouraged, the issue's editor, Greg J. Smith explains. "Subjective cartographies, architectural mashups, urban informatics, augmented reality gaming, and field recording-based work are all examples of research that we are interested in," he writes. "What is important is that the work is ambitious and innovative." The overarching point, Smith continues, is to explore what he calls our ever-evolving "strategies for abstracting, quantifying and documenting urban life."

So if you've got an idea for a paper—or a photo essay, or an audio recording, or a short film—be sure to consider participating.

More information, including how to submit your work, can be found on the magazine's webpage.

If you do submit, tell them you heard about it through Dwell!

(Opening image is from Everyblock by Adrian Holovaty)

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