This Mesmerizing Array of 3,500 Flowers Is About to Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

A new installation by Daikoku Design Institute pays homage to the symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world.

At the Edison Theater in downtown Long Beach, CA, flower and art fans will be seduced by a display of neon light and ethereal soundscapes as petals softly fall from above. The new exhibit, which is an evocative blend of digital technology and real flowers—3,500 of them—aims to awaken a meditative state of synesthesia for a fully immersive experience.

The collaboration between creative agency Intertrend and designer and art director Daigo Daikoku celebrates the cultural significance of flowers for humankind. "Throughout history, people have seen flowers as vessels to project a variety of meanings and messages," says Daikoku. "Flowers have instilled in us great meaning and symbols. In turn, we cultivate flowers to help convey our deepest emotions, signal change, and celebrate life stages."

Over the course of the exhibition, 3,500 real and preserved flowers will be hung from a white trellis. They'll be replaced about once a week.

A series of á la carte botanical activities will accompany the two-month-long exhibition. Offerings range from a perfumery workshop with scent expert Yosh Han—whose intuitive craft plays a big role throughout the exhibit—to a sound bath and a yoga class. More spiritual-leaning guests can have their auras read, and would-be mixologists can learn to use flowers in craft cocktail recipes. 

For $250, hungry folks can attend a "Hearts & Flowers Scent(sory) Dinner" by James Beard-winning chef Erik Bruner-Yang, wherein each dish corresponds to a flower's essence. The culinary experience promises to deepen the connection between flowers, botanical intelligence, and human emotions.

As attendees enter the exhibit, flower petals will begin to fall from the ceiling. Light and sound will slowly morph to create a meditative space.

The exploration of scents adds an additional layer of connectivity between the onlooker and the exhibit. Scent expert Yosh Han curated these olfactory vignettes, and is hosting a perfume workshop as part of the series of events taking place during the The Art of Bloom. 

Daikoku started Daikoku Design Institute in 2011, and relocated the Tokyo–based company to Los Angeles in 2018. His multidisciplinary work spans art, lifestyle, and technology, and aims to create value with a holistic approach. The Art of Bloom opens July 24th, and tickets to the experience are available here.

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