The Answer Is Jens Risom

The Answer Is Jens Risom

By Amanda Dameron
Jens Risom (1916-2016) changed America's perception of Danish modern furniture. We are profoundly saddened by the loss of a truly great visionary, designer, artist, veteran, and family man.

In 2012, Dwell was invited by the Risom family to visit their A-frame prefab on Block Island and photograph the house for the pages of the magazine. This would be the first time the house would be published since it appeared on the cover of Life magazine in the late 1960s. At the time, Jens and his wife, Henny, lived in New Canaan, Connecticut, and though he was hale at 96, the family wasn't certain that he would be able to travel back to the island to see a new glass facade placed on the structure he'd built 50 years before. 

We were honored when, at the last moment, Jens decided to take the trip back to Block Island to see the house. That weekend, we filmed the following video. 

Rest in peace, Jens. 


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