Styling Bedroom Artwork, by Framebridge

Your bedroom should be one of the most intimate and personally inviting spaces of the home. How you choose to decorate impacts not only the vibe of the space but also your own mood — after all, these are the visuals you see when you wake up and as you fall asleep.
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Thus, bedroom artwork should be personal and displayed thoughtfully. It should make a statement about who you are — and much like our Bedding, we opt for beautiful, handcrafted and a little luxurious.

So we turned to our friends at Framebridge, the easiest way to custom frame the things you love. They handle the entire framing process: from receiving or printing your art, to consulting on framing design, custom framing your piece, and delivering it straight to your door ready to hang. Here, Framebridge offers us expert advice on styling bedroom artwork. We’re talking nightstand vignettes, above-the-bed displays and everything in between. So whether you’re into gallery walls or statement pieces, here’s how they make it work — with our Bedding, of course!

1. Make a Statement (Piece)

"Poolside Glamour" by Slim Aarons in Irvine; Source: Framebridge/Parachute

There are really only a couple spots in the house — above the couch or above the bed — suited for art of this magnitude. We balanced the sassy socialite style of Slim Aarons’s iconic image with a hot pink serape striped blanket from Mexico. We emphasized the chill outdoor look with fresh tulips and bright green foliage. This is a statement setting that says ‘Pass a martini, please.’ We’re ready to kick back in bed a la these poolside ladies.

Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

Hanging tip: With a high headboard, hang the frame approximately 5–8 inches above the top. If you have a low profile one (like we do here), treat the top of your Pillow as if it were the top of the headboard. We used the Irvine frame.

2. Double Dip (tych)

Unsplash photo in Irvine; Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

This cool, relaxed bedroom look can be achieved anywhere, not just coastal California. To create this doubly dramatic composition, we took one high res photo, cropped it into two halves, and framed each half separately. Slow clap. This is quite possibly one of our favorite frame tricks because it’s just so versatile. Not only can you hang the pair as a diptych for major impact with the convenience of smaller art, but you can always break the set apart and hang (or lean) them on their own.

Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

Get this look: Just crop your image in half (email if you need some help!), upload the (now) two images to Framebridge’s website, choose your frames, order and hang.

3. Build a Gallery (Wall)

"Wolf Pup №2" and "Lion Cub Twins" by Sharon Montrose in Irvine Slim, "Cheri" by Parima Studio in Newport, "Modern Desert" and "Flowers" by Michelle Tavares in Irvine Slim and Mandalay; Source: Framebridge/Parachute

 We could talk about gallery walls all day long. As explained in our projects with Emily Henderson, Rachel Parcell and Anne Sage, for example, a great gallery wall is built around a theme. In this particular composition, we wanted to keep the size of the art and the color palette relatively consistent. And we can’t lie…we love how the nude/blush/grey composition came together. Our clean Irvine Slim gallery frame keeps the layout balanced on both sides, and the mixed metallics in the center add a little somethin’ special. And somehow a little Mandalay always brings it all together.

Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

Frame tip: Don’t be afraid to mix metallics. You can’t go wrong with the Irvine Slim gallery frame and your metallic frames of choice. (We used Newport and Mandalay.) Lay your frames out on the floor to figure out the best arrangement, or work with a Framebridge gallery wall consultant to build a perfectly curated layout.

4. Rock the Night (Stand)

Art by Stephanie Vovas in Providence and Richmond; Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

 Perfect symmetry doesn’t always have to be the goal — get a little weird sometimes! Here we mixed up the size and scale of the frames and mats, and styled each nightstand to have its own individual personality. We used two Stephanie Vovas prints of the same size, framing one with a standard mat opening and the other with a dramatic wide mat opening. Admittedly, we think this layout would look better with a taller headboard, but you get the idea. 

Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

Get the look: Take two of your favorite complementary prints of similar size but different orientation, and choose two coordinating frames (we used Richmond and Providence). Place your order with Framebridge, being sure to note in the special instructions section of the cart which piece you would like to have a larger mat and how big you would like it to be (this one is 5 inches). Larger mats are one of the best ways to add drama and interest to a piece/space/life in general.

5. Work the Floor (Space)

Vintage brain print in Irvine Slim, boat photo via Unsplash in Bolton, "Deep Dive" by Samantha French and "Welcome to the City of Champions" by Playtype via The Poster Club in Mercer Slim; Source: Framebridge/Parachute

 Best for last. We don’t play favorites, but if we did, this one just might be it. It’s just cool. From the leaning frame combo on the right, to the frames hanging outside the confines of the traditional nightstand territory on the left, this arrangement is all about pushing the boundaries of conventional hanging style. Remember: It’s about balance, not symmetry. Also, we’re obsessed with all of these pieces on their own. Together? It’s magic.

Source: Framebridge/Parachute 

Get the look: Choose your favorite combo of similarly-sized prints and at least one larger one. Make sure to get a big piece (at least 20×30) if you’re going to lean it. Think about balancing the visual weight of the leaning piece by hanging a piece with lots of visual interest on the other side of the bed. Be sure to keep the palette in the same color family, the mood of the art consistent and the frames consistent. The mix of blue, white and black tones in these clean black and white gallery frames (we used Bolton and Mercer Slim) from Framebridge keeps the look cohesive.

Oh, what a difference some frames and art direction can make! Check out Framebridge for gorgeous custom framing for your bedroom — or any room in the home.

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