Spend an Unforgettable Night in Denmark's New LEGO House

Spend an Unforgettable Night in Denmark's New LEGO House

By Charlotte West
LEGO and Airbnb have teamed up to offer some lucky winners a night in an architect’s dream house filled with 25,000 LEGO bricks.

Danish firm BIG was no stranger to the colorful little bricks known as LEGOS when they received a commission from the toy company to build its new visitor center. In fact, the first models of LEGO House were constructed in the BIG studio using actual LEGO pieces. After construction started in 2013, the 12,000-square-meter exhibition space and visitor center finally opened in LEGO’s home town of Billund, Denmark, at the end of September. 

Perhaps the most impressive angle to examine the new structure is from above; BIG conceived of the project as 21 brightly colored, large-scale LEGO bricks that overlap to frame a publicly-accessible central plaza. Above the square, a cluster of galleries overlap to create a continuous sequence of exhibitions, and children’s play zones are located on the first and second floors. 

The architects used primary colors to code the interior spaces and create environments to inspire learning. The LEGObasement houses the Vault, which contains first-edition sets of almost every LEGO set ever manufactured, including a 774-piece set that allows kids (and adults) to recreate the stacked-block formation of LEGO House.

LEGO fans can enter a competition to win a night for four in the LEGO House by submitting an entry on the Airbnb website by 11:59 PST on November 16. The site challenges contestants to describe in 550 characters or less what they would build with an infinite supply of LEGO bricks. Winners are promised a night in "a bedroom floating in a pool of bricks underneath a 6-meter-tall LEGO waterfall," complete with a LEGO alarm clock, slippers, and cat.   


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