Sliding Shelves Transform This Tiny Home Into Countless Configurations

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By Allie Weiss / Published by Dwell
Madrid-based firm PKMN dreamed up this flexible concept for a client with a tiny home north of the city. Made up of three shelving units on track system, the All I Own House can be configured in countless ways, making space for a bedroom, kitchen, sitting area, changing room, and more. Yet as each shelf is repositioned, one thing remains constant—the personal belongings on the shelves, which are showcased in every layout.

Watch a video of the flexible home in action below.

Three deceptively simple shelves made of particleboard are the house's main structural elements. By pushing any one of the units, the resident can easily reposition it; they slide left or right with a simple track system.


The unit can be configured to allow room for meal preparation around a built-in kitchen.

A drop-down countertop conceals dishware and other kitchen belongings.

The house allows space for entertaining as well, and can comfortably seat a few guests in a roughly 160-square-foot sitting area. The resident, a designer, can host clients in this area.

One of the shelving units includes a Murphy bed, making for a comfortable sleeping space.

Sliding walls can be pulled shut when privacy is desired.

A bathroom sits at one end of the room.