Shops We Love: Forage Modern Workshop

This Minneapolis idea shop and store focuses on practical Midwestern goods with personality.

Forage Modern Workshop

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Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis

“We carry a large majority of things from the area, and consider the entire Midwest local to us,” says Rebekah Cook, business manager and buyer. “Midwest design is about practical goods.”

Photo by Collin Hughes

Founders: Michael Smith and James Brown

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Mini Ceramic Air Plant Planters by Janelle Gramling

“These are amazing because they’re tiny and add the perfect accent and some greenery to any space in your home. Janelle is from Milwaukee, and these pieces really capture the subtle organic shape.”

Opening Date: 2012

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Palms Shelf by Eastvold Furniture

“This is designed by Minneapolis designer Christopher Dela Pole and made in Minnesota by the Eastvold brand. This smart shelving unit is now available in Forage Green—named after, you guessed it, Forage Modern Workshop—as it shares the color of our exterior brick beam. Hang next to your door as the catch all for phone, keys or display some of your favorite pictures and memorabilia.”

Addresses: 4023 East Lake Street in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood

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New Mexico Pillow by Little Korboose

“These are the most luxurious pillows, really simple and soft, made from organic speck cotton. An accent pillow can make more of a statement when it’s something so soft you want to touch.”

Phone: (612) 886-3603

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New Microwave Print by Caylon Hackwith

“We partnered with Color Space in Minneapolis to do limited edition prints. I love this print. It’s so awesome and I can’t say why. The artist wanted to reference the exciting stage of waiting for something. There’s also this modern housewife angle, too.”

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Pix Table by OCD Furniture

“This exemplifies really simple design with endless function. It’s a simple, awesome design, with a steel base and a walnut or maple top.”

What It's All About: "Basically, it’s the natural outflow of the owners love for mid-century design and architecture," says business manager and buyer Rebekah Cook. "We pair locally made goods with the best of the world, and we consider anything from the Midwest locally made. They convinced me to quit my day job and run Forage."

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Pliny the Lounger Chair by Loll

“This is actually a modern take on an old 1939 lounge chair. It’s made out of milk jugs by Loll, which is based in Duluth, and part of a sustainable line of indoor and outdoor furniture. It’s insanely durable; you can have it outside in the snow all winter and it’s fine, just what we need in the Midwest.”

Philosophy: "We’re really trying to communicate what Midwest modern means," says Cook. "We curate like we curate our homes, a collection of things that really tells the story of who we are. We want it to feel like a friend’s home."

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New Courthouse-Catbird Quilt, Exclusively for Forage by Hopewell

“This is made by two friends out in LA who come from a family of quilt makers. I love how simple this is. Quilts have such a grandma connotation, so it’s great they took this old thing and made it so modern. We’re releasing it here in June.”

Weirdest Customer Question: "‘What is this?’" says Cook. "A lady came in and asked in a really strong Fargo accent what was going on here. I had to sort of break it down for her, which was a great exercise. It’s also awesome that not everyone gets it—we don’t want to be cookie cutter."

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Madrone Longboard by Grow Anthology

“A bicoastal duo from Minneapolis and Seattle make this out of post-consumer compacted waste. It’s sort of the wildcard piece. We’re certainly not their busiest market, I just love the smart design.”

View our slideshow to see some of the store’s favorite pieces.

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Rapson Rapid Rocker by Rapson-Inc.

“Designed in the early ‘40s by Ralph Rapson, who built a ton of famous houses and buildings in the city, it’s the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. His son Toby, who lives near the store and has become a good friend, has helped get it back into production. It’s a beautiful, simple piece that fits in anywhere.”

Store photos on the homepage by Canary Gray Photography.

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Dotted Lines Pendant Lamp by Tandem Made

“Made by a husband-and-wife duo in Minneapolis, it’s a beautiful light crafted from bent aluminum. It’s powder coated, and comes in black and white. The could makes a wide range of products, too.”

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