Designer to Know: Saturday Green

Designer to Know: Saturday Green

By Dwell
Inspired by their favorite day of the week, Saturday Green is a female-led collective of textile designers who recently launched a new collection of throws.

Lori Slater and Kelly Harris Smith believe that buying sustainable products shouldn’t involve compromise. That shared view led them to establish Saturday Green, a Yonkers, New York–based female collaborative that creates patterned throws from recycled materials. 

"We’re living in a world that’s sort of falling apart. We have to be mindful of sustainability throughout our daily lives, in everything we touch and do," says Slater, co-founder of in2green, a company that creates apparel and textiles from recycled objects.

Saturday Green designer Kelly Harris Smith

"With our textiles, you’re not giving up quality, feel, or durability, so it’s a win-win." It all started in 2018 when Smith, co-founder of Filzfelt, needed someone to create samples of her independent textile designs for Wanted Design. She came across Slater on the Internet and approached her. 

The pair worked well together, but the catalyst for their partnership came when New York’s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum placed an order based on those samples for the museum’s shop. Soon after, Smith brought in four designers—Elodie Blanchard, Stacy Garcia, Jill Malek, and Susy Pilgrim Waters—and together they created a line of vividly geometric throws made from 75 percent recycled cotton and 25 percent recycled polyester. 

Saturday Green designer Elodie Blanchard

Saturday Green designer Jill Malek

The fabrics are also machine washable. "It’s nice that the weight of them feels solid, but that you can just throw them in the washer and feel like they’re not too precious," Smith says. "It’s a nice in-between for the user."

Shown here, a variety of new throws from Saturday Green's new collection with in2green.

The Smart Throws designed by Kelly Harris Smith are knit from a blend of polyester from recycled plastic bottles and upcycled yarn from fabric clippings.

The Smart Throws come in a variety of colors.

The Smart Throws are also UV resistant and quick to dry, meaning they're perfect for a variety of uses both indoors and out.

The Eco Broken Lines Throw is by Elodie Blanchard, another Saturday Green designer.

The Eco Tiny Squares Throw by Elodie Blanchard.

The Eco Huey Throw by Susy Pilgrim Waters.

You can learn more about Saturday Green by visiting their website or Instagram.


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