Rose House Blooms in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains

In the proposed guesthouse, water joins concrete, weathering steel, and glass as another building material.

The Kiev, Ukraine-based architecture studio Sergey Makhno Architects reveals its vision for Rose House, a vacation home situated in Ukraine's Carpathian Mountain region so named for its "blooming red walls," as described by the architects. Advanced 3D imaging techniques lend vivid details to this 1,722-square-foot project, which poses a steel exterior framing floor-to-ceiling glass.

An edgeless pool creates a smooth glass-like effect, reflecting the thickly forested surroundings.

Rose House looks like something taken from a movie, playing on the idyllic natural setting of the landscape and juxtaposing it with treated and weathered metal in rectilinear lines. These contrasts create vivid and visceral reactions, giving the impression that the house has lived in the landscape for decades.

Large glass openings on virtually every side of the structure allow the structure to be engulfed by natural beauty. The flexible, open plan allows the owner to move walls and convert spaces into large areas for entertaining guests.

A small side patio offers an unhindered view of open forest.

A six-foot-tall, bronze-and-glass man gazes upward, inviting visitors to get lost in the rugged landscape. The sculpture, named Rain, is by famous Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk.

A fireplace and large outdoor patio sit opposite the pool and inner atrium and create a warm gathering place for visitors.

Taking in Rose House from a distance starts to convey the scale of the home against the mountainous and forested landscape, helping stimulate the imagination and vision for this dramatic retreat.


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