Room No Roof by Tsuruta Architects

Room No Roof by Tsuruta Architects

Room No Roof is a minimal residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Tsuruta Architects.
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It is a house extension and refurbishment of a 1950s residential building on Portobello Road that reacts to the surrounding environment, including the local property market. Despite building a new extra floor, for Room No Roof, the architects sought to challenge these impressions of "going up to a roof attic" by omitting the roof from one of the new rooms situated in the heart of the space, between the two other new private rooms). The design also brings in a new kitchen extension constructed over the existing ground floor. The hut opens to a balcony overlooking the square with a full height pivot window. This space further connects the living room to the exterior "Porto-bello" via an internal window. On the weekend, the street market brings the tide of pedestrians and becomes one of the busiest streets in London, but by Monday it recedes as the market closes. With new enlarged windows added to all façades, this tidal change, marking a start and end to every week, is made especially visible from the living and kitchen areas.



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