Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects

Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects

By Leibal
Reydon Grove Farm is a minimal farm located in Suffolk, England, designed by Norm Architects.

The internal layout of Reydon Grove Farm has been designed in two main sections, divided by the central hall, a semi public section, and a private section with bathrooms and bedrooms. Approaching the bungalow from the main path in the garden, it will lead to the central ramp that leads to the front door in the middle of the house. Through the front door is a spacious hall with a wood burning stove and a view through the house, looking at the trunks from the trees separating the house from the meadows. The living room and the dining room is dived by a central brick core with a wood burning stove that makes a division in the large room between the functions.


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