A Variety of Finishes Add Textural Intrigue to This Renovated Russian Apartment

This Saint Petersburg apartment is an exquisite celebration of texture and color.

INT2 architecture renovated a 2,300-square-foot apartment on the top floor of an early nineteenth-century revenue house in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg into a stylish, texturally intriguing short-term holiday property that can comfortably accommodate up to five guests.

The Saint Petersburg-based architects used deep, dark colors for the walls and ceilings, and they incorporated a variety of interesting finishes—including plywood, teak, walnut, quartz, cement tiles, and ceramic granite—into the new space.

The living room features light wood herringbone floors.

The apartment consists of a living room, kitchen, study, laundry room, steam room, and two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

The living room and kitchen, which are located within an open-concept common space, are differentiated with light and dark wood floors. Light-colored herringbone parquet is used for the living area, while dark horizontally laid walnut parquet forms the floor of the kitchen.   

The open-concept living space is filled with natural light.

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A sliding door separates the bedroom from the laundry room. 

Prominent windows provide views of the surrounding cityscape and plenty of natural light.

INT2 architecture used a variety of different materials to delineate spaces throughout the apartment.

A telescope looks out upon the Saint Petersburg cityscape.

A "hidden" door to the laundry room lies along the walnut wall on one side of the hallway. 

Clean modern finishes contrast with the dark wood floors, walls, and ceiling.

A double-sided cabinet separates the kitchen from the entrance hall. The side of the cabinet facing the hall contains a large wardrobe, while the side facing the kitchen provides storage space where kitchen appliances can be kept. INT2 architecture used black quartz for the kitchen counters as well as the range hood casing.

The walls of the study are painted a moody grey-blue.

The study features vintage teak furniture and cozy leather couches.

A wooden sideboard echoes the pattern found in the parquet flooring.

The walls of the study are painted a moody grey-blue, which—combined with the vintage teak highboard and wooden sideboard—give the space a sultry, nostalgic feel. 

A modern fireplace adds warmth to the study without taking up much visual space.

A shift in materials separates this bedroom from the breakfast area.

A plywood portal in one of the bedrooms divides the sleeping area from the breakfast and sports equipment storage areas along the windows while drawing more natural light into the room. 

An elegant reading nook lies next to the bed.

Subtle shifts in texture and color lend visual interest to a second bedroom.

In the other bedroom, a grey-green ceiling creates the illusion of height, making the room look and feel much larger than its actual size. 

The bathrooms are visually and texturally divided into ceramic granite wet areas and painted dry areas. 

The warm-colored vintage teak sideboards and towel racks contrast the cool, dark bathroom walls beautifully.  

In the guest bathroom, a steam room shower portal is finished with marble slabs, while birch plywood clads the dry zone. 

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Minimalist black fixtures adorn the shower. 

Subtle lighting gives the living room a cozy glow at night.

The custom-designed wood-burning fireplace was made in Italy.

The apartment's floor plan.

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: INT2 architecture / @int2architecture


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