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By Dwell and Zachary Edelson / Photos by Jeff Amram
A family selects prefab to make sure their new home, located 1,700 miles away, is turnkey-ready upon their arrival.

With their peak business season looming, Rebecca and Peter Gadd didn’t have time for building a home. They were living in Minnesota, and they wanted to move themselves and their pet apparel store, Gold Paw Series, to their native Portland, Oregon. But the e-commerce venture they’d started left their schedules severely restricted: "Things get really busy in August, and there is no breathing until January or February," Rebecca says. Moreover, they had chosen an area outside of the city where they couldn’t find an existing house to suit their needs. The solution was prefab: "We thought this was a way we could build a house that was modern while we were still living in Minnesota," she explains. 

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