Reminder: Reburbia Ends Friday!

The call for entries leaves the suburban territory wide open to your creative reinterpretations. Tell us how you would reuse that behemoth single-family McMansion, or retrofit a vacant strip mall or a big box store to support local agriculture and produce 'burb-grown food. How could we begin to move toward car-free neighborhoods or harness renewable energy for community self-sufficiency?

Whether you zoom in on a small aspect of suburban living or undertake a whole-systems approach, we'll be looking for well-articulated ideas, clear demonstration of the usefulness of your design, and exceptional quality in the renderings of your concept. You can submit as many entries as you like, but each individual entry should be focused on one singular design problem/solution (i.e. a McMansion farm rehab, a bicycle transportation hub, a piezoelectric, energy-generating freeway paving system).

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Pacific on July 31, so get thinking and enter your proposals soon! More information and entry forms can be found at

PLEASE NOTE! While we are requesting that you submit low-res images when entering your proposal online, you will need to supply high-res files if you win! We cannot run winners' entries without this. Be sure you've got the high-res on hand! 

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