Propellor Design's Furrow Parkade

By Sarah Rich / Published by Dwell
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While scanning the new products at one of my favorite design retail sites, Supermarket, I found a pendant lamp that I'm now coveting. Propellor Design's Furrow Parkade light is made from laminated bamboo, with grooves carved at perpendicular angles to create beautiful patterns and shadows. Because the material comes from a rapidly renewable resource, the lamp also falls into the enviro category (just use a CFL and remember to switch it off).

Further searching through the designer's products led to a whole range of covetable items. In addition to lighting, the Canadian company makes lovely wood furniture, and their overall style really shines through in the handful of residential and commercial projects that appear on their site.

At Supermarket you can only buy Propellor's lights at this time, but it's a great place to get them, as the website's model means that the designer gets connected directly to the buyer, eliminating the chain of sale that can often hinder indie designers as they get their feet on the ground, and making product more accessible to design enthusiasts.

Sarah Rich


When not working in design, Sarah Rich writes, talks and forecasts about food and consumer culture.

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