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The Internet is good for many things, but two it does particularly well: giving people a platform to share things they find (and love) online, and providing ways for connecting like-minded folks. In fact, the Internet can be a little too awesome at this; Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the sites you love, much less individual posts and pics you find while scrolling into the abyss. Pinterest to the rescue!
Dwell on Design's Favorite Spaces and Places on Pinterest.

Dwell on Design's Favorite Spaces and Places on Pinterest.

If you’re not familiar, the "virtual pinboard" is an easy-to-use web service that allows you to populate your own personal page with images of and links to what you discover online. See a pendant light that makes your heart go pitter pat? Pin it! Can’t get over a beyond-cool bike rack? Pin that too! All it takes is a click on a Pinterest toolbar button to save your stuff. We at Dwell wanted to get in on the fun, and have set up a Dwell on Design page. Though the event takes place at the LA Convention Center June 24-26, we’ll be pinning previews to highlights from the showfloor, as well as inspiring, creative bits and bobs from all over the www. We invite you to sign up for your own Pinterest profile here (you can register via Facebook or Twitter), and connect with DoD!

But wait. There’s more! Pinterest isn’t limited to the time you spend tied to the computer. Download the free iPhone app and you can take pics of cool stuff sighted out in the wilds of meatspace (sorry Android users, they’re working on one for you, too!). So when you visit Dwell on Design, we want to know what catches your eye. Take snaps, pin the heck out of the best of the best, and use the hashtag #dwellondesign to join the conversation. There will also be live Pinterest action on-site at the HP Blogger Lounge, with in-person demos with tricks and tips on how to use it.

We look forward to checking out what you think is Pinteresting!

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