You Can Have Your Very Own Geodesic Pine Cone Tree House For $150K

We love a good tree house—and O2 Treehouse's Pinecone is more spectacular than most.

If you've ever dreamed about having your very own high-end tree house, this could be the one. Designed and built by Oakland–based O2 Treehouse, the Pinecone is a five-and-a-half-ton geodesic home that can be installed in the forest or in your very own backyard. The elegant tree house is constructed from steel, wood, and glass, and it's designed to integrate into the forest canopy like an overgrown, woodsy fruit. 

The structure is accessed via a steep wooden ladder and a trap door that unfolds down from the top.

The Pinecone is accessed via a tall wooden ladder and a trap door. A bathroom is located in a separate tree house that is closer to the ground and connected to the main structure via entry stairs and a wooden catwalk. Inside, 64 diamond-shaped windows provide 360-degree views of the surrounding forest. Even the floors are composed of transparent panels—enhancing the sensation of floating above the earth. 

Suspended in the forest, the Pinecone tree house is a sight to behold. 

Designer and builder Dustin Feider started O2 Treehouse to inspire people to "reconsider how we can more harmlessly co-exist with nature," and the company has been offering stays in the Pinecone tree house on Airbnb. However, O2 Treehouse has recently started to sell the structures directly to customers.

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The interior of the Pinecone is a 100-square-foot octagon, however the tree house can be custom made in a larger size.

The floor panels are transparent, providing the feeling of total immersion in the forest. 

How much for your very own geodesic tree house retreat? O2 Treehouse says pricing depends on the size and the installation site, but the Pinecone starts at $150,000 and takes around three months to install. It's costly for a tree house, but we imagine that waking up in a Pinecone in the middle of the forest is a priceless experience.

To inquire about ordering a Pinecone, check out O2 Treehouse.


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