Organic Laptop Bag by Zaum

Organic Laptop Bag by Zaum

By Miyoko Ohtake
We've been on a laptop bag lookout and this week Zaum's Eco Portabile Media bag caught our eye. It's got all the fixing of a basic laptop carrier—padded computer section, pockets for plug-ins, and a shoulder strap—and that little extra: extra interior and exterior pockets plus fabrication from organic and eco-friendly materials.

The bag was created by Guido Baratta and Kimberly Mowers, partners of graphics, fashion, and interactive design firm Zaum, and each is made to order in orange, blue, black, red, white, or  green organic cotton canvas and as a 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch bag. Though slightly pricey—$210, sold via Supermarket—it's a bag we'd love to use again and again.

Inside Zaum's Eco Portabile Media laptop bag

Zaum's Eco Portabile Media bag, made with organic cotton canvas and wool felt. Also available in blue, black, red, white, and green.

The Boston-based company also sells a handful of other bags, totes, and purses online. Our other favorites: the Bagaglio luggage tag, made in an array of colorful felts, and the Tetra media bag, a pencil caselike carrier made of a vinyl exterior and retro print cotton canvas interior.

The Bagaglio luggage tag by Zaum.

Zaum's Tetra media accessory bag, measuring in at 5.75-inches-by-eight-inches.

Eco Portabile Media laptop bag by Zaum


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