One Big Idea for Driving Down Rocketing Housing Costs

One Big Idea for Driving Down Rocketing Housing Costs

By Dwell and Luke Hopping / Photos by Bob Gundu
It's almost Mother's Day. Could you coexist with your extended family (plus renters) if it meant more affordable housing?

In Toronto, a city that, like many others across the United States and Canada, is beset by spiking housing costs, a stacked structure by Williamson Chong Architects presents a solution by bringing three generations together under one roof in a cost-effective living arrangement. 

The primary residents, a professional couple, their young son, and downsizing parents, compound the savings of communal living by renting out a ground-floor and basement unit. 

In addition to a shared courtyard, each family member has a private terrace. The rental unit has its own outdoor space too, in the form of a front yard protected by a hedge. 

Adaptability is integral to supporting residents of various ages. Intelligent features, like millwork that can be removed to change the communal spaces' configurations, will enable the home to evolve with its occupants. 


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