No Trailer, No Problem—This Cozy Teardrop Is For Rent

The Bay Area's Camp Weathered allows guests to rent a well-appointed teardrop trailer for the ultimate glamping experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Alex McNeil and Jesse Bodony, both graduate students in the San Francisco Bay area, launched their teardrop trailer rental company in December 2017. Their goal is to provide comfort and privacy for clients who are seeking an escape in the Northern California wilderness.

Camp Weathered was born after friends and family kept asking to borrow the first trailer they bought. Since they started renting their teardrop last year, they have had about 20 customers. "To accommodate demand, we've added new units; our little fleet is getting bigger all the time!" McNeil says.

Their teardrops are built out from Big Woody kits. "Our teardrops are highly customized, with custom paint and internal woodwork. The galley is especially bespoke, with a tile floor and beautiful woodblock counters. These little details make it unique and incredibly comfortable," McNeil explains. 

The teardrop has a fully equipped galley with a sink, two-burner camping stove, and plenty of dishes and cooking ware. Its sleep area is six-feet long and four-feet wide. It also features plugs, a fan, and an electric sink. 

You can rent one of these trailers through Airbnb for $45 a night. You can tow it yourself, or have it dropped off at the location or campsite of your choice.  



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