My Favorite Thing: Arik Levy

My Favorite Thing: Arik Levy

In this installment of My Favorite Thing, designer Arik Levy shares his deep appreciation for the simple beauty of a dried pomegranate. Don't forget to submit your own favorite thing and take part in our next giveaway!

From Arik: "For about ten years now, I dry a grenade at the beginning of every year. (ed. note: my initial reaction: "You do what?!") You know, a fruit. A pomegranate. In the Jewish tradition the fruit, because of all its seeds, represents fertility, and it’s surprising because as it’s so full of liquid you would expect it to rot like an orange or a lemon. But it doesn’t rot; it just dries out."

"Pomegranates get a very beautiful color when they dry, and they become very hard and tough, very strong. Each has a different color, a different size, a different formation, and they’re these truly beautiful objects with a real presence. All together, they almost look like a still life painting. I collect them, and keep them in a jar or display them on a shelf. I actually just moved this year’s from the drying location into the jar where the others are. I love it."

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