Muji's Flagship Hotel in Japan Is Now Officially Open

Muji's Flagship Hotel in Japan Is Now Officially Open

The popular retailer just officially opened its first hotel in Japan.

Muji just announced the opening of its first Japanese hotel, which tops the brand’s global flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. The hotel’s 79 rooms are located on floors seven through 10, and they embody the retailer’s "anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap" approach—meaning the decor is minimalist and high-quality.

The material palette for the hotel is simple and natural, showcasing wood, stone, and soil.

The hotel offers nine types of rooms. Many feature an elongated footprint with a window at one end.

"Muji Hotel offers great sleep at the right price, provides a space supporting both body and soul while away from home, and connects travelers to local communities," says the brand.

"We select mattresses based on the research of sleep and posture, provide towels with a soft feeling of textile, and arrange lighting devices which induce natural and high-quality sleep," says the brand.

The hotel's rooms have a variety of interior layouts, and may include bunk beds or traditional Tatami straw floor coverings.

Shop the Look
Muji Electric Kettle
A simply designed electric kettle that can boil a cup of water in 80 seconds. The power auto shut off once the water is boiled and uses minimum electric power.
Muji Aroma Diffuser
Founded in 1980, Muji believes in creating simple, low-cost quality goods based on three core principles: Selection of materials, streamlining of processes and packaging simplification. This diffuser uses an ultrasonic wave to diffuse and spread a fragrant aroma throughout any room.

In addition to the hotel, the building also includes a restaurant, diner, and atelier. The atelier, located on the sixth floor, is a place for exploring design and culture through Muji’s perspective. The atelier contains a salon, a library, a gallery space, and a lounge that will host talks and workshops open to the public.

The hotel offers the same rates throughout the year, based on the size of the room. There are four rooms with bunk beds.

Some items and devices in the rooms can be purchased in the store below. Muji has opened two other hotels in the past year—one in Beijing, and one in Shenzhen.

The salon has a bar counter fashioned from a camphor tree, and it serves coffee, tea, and cocktails. The library features design-related books for browsing.

Located on the sixth floor, the restaurant WA offers a tour of Japanese cuisine. "WA visits various places in Japan on a regular basis, discovering the flavors embedded in the local culture and delivering them to the customers," says the brand. "It enables customers to enjoy the richness of Japanese culture through food."

The informal diner at the basement level is open all day, and it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"MUJI Diner is a place where you can enjoy ‘simple food’ that is delicious and good for health," says the firm. The menu includes fresh seafood delivered daily from the Odawara fishing port.


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