Monika Järg's Wooden Carpets

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By Sarah Rich
While wood floors are generally more elegant than carpeting, rugs and textiles can bring warmth and texture to otherwise hard and hollow spaces. Estonian designer Monika Järg has a novel approach to integrating wood and textile: she threads wool rope through planks of wood to create sparse "carpets" in simple patterns on the floor.

In the spirit of guerilla knitter collective Knitta Please, Järg seems to find opportunities to add yarn and textile to all sorts of unexpected surfaces, from discarded tires to old license plates. Her work is also practical—the Dot Floor, for example, is a crafty looking display of dense woolen domes affixed to a wood floor, which add acoustic insulation to a room. Her style ranges from DIY to highly refined, but all of it is exceptionally original, baking design directly into surfaces we normally view is merely the stage for decorative objects.

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