Top 5 Homes of the Week With Charming Patios

With warm weather on the horizon, we suggest you take notes on these superb patios from the Dwell community that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. Greenwich Village Townhouse

A lush garden pergola in the backyard of the Greenwich Village Townhouse offers a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Architect: Ryall Sheridan Architects, Location: New York, New York

From the architect: "The program for this 1840s Greenwich Village townhouse redefined it as a spatially interconnected contemporary residence for a young family. The idea of circulation as a public ‘street,’ in which family members encounter each other as they go about their daily routines, informs the organization of the house. Large landings at the south end of the circulation space act as places to interact. All other programmatic elements are kept to the west side of the house, allowing the sky-lit eastern circulation ‘street’ to vertically connect spaces throughout the house. The services of the building are contained within a vertical core, which also defines the transition between open and closed spaces."

2. La Mesa Residence

The roof of La Mesa Residence extends above an outdoor room that can be used for casual dining, shaded lounging during the day, or simply relaxing by the fire in the evenings.

Architect: Dutton Architects, Location: Los Angeles, California

From the architect: "Our client bought a historic adobe house by John Byers, one of the preeminent architects of Los Angeles in the first half of the 20th century. Dutton Architects relished the challenge of respecting the history and craft of the original, while adapting it for 20th-century living. The restoration of the original structure was guided by the consultant that oversees the Getty Trust’s adobe restoration projects."

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The outdoor living space of the Birch Le Collaboration House features a wood-burning fireplace under large, covered porch.

Architect: Hygge Supply, Location: Lake Leelanau, Michigan

From the architect: "Hygge Supply completed this ultimate kit home in June 2019 and began offering overnight stays to potential clients and design enthusiasts in July. Hygge Supply founder and designer Kelly Sean Karcher envisioned the home to incorporate the materials and products that fall in line (both aesthetically and ethically) with the principles of the Hygge Supply brand."

4. Hood River Residence

The Hood River Residence features a generous outdoor patio area that collects the public spaces of the home into one large indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture, Location: Hood River, Oregon

From the architect: "The Hood River Residence is nestled along the forested edge of the Hood River Valley. The linear floor plan takes full advantage of views of patchwork orchards and Mount Adams to the north. The form is divided into two volumes—a main residence and a guest wing. A concrete wall connects the volumes to each other and to the landscape, while acting as a filter and backdrop for the view."

5. Burnt Cedar

Burnt Cedar playfully interacts with the landscape, including the 60 to 90–foot Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines that populate the lake shore.

Architect: Faulkner Architects, Location: Incline Village, Nevada

From the architect: "This is a full-time beach house for a car-passionate family of four situated across from Burnt Cedar Beach on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Prior to being pulled up the hill to flumes and rails destined for Virginia City, logs were staged here as the mountains around the lakeshore were logged during the silver mining years of the 1860s. Set into a neighborhood originally built in the 1950s and bordered by houses to the sides and rear, the house takes a simple box form, half buried into the slope. It faces the lake with full-height glazing that encloses a loft-like plan with double-height living spaces."

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