Two Eclectic Volumes Unite This Contemporary Chilean Home

Perched 1,476 feet above sea level, a modern home is designed to beautifully embrace its coastal setting.

Located high above Chile's Zapallar Bay, this isolated home has been designed by Santiago–based firm SUN Arquitectos and is comprised of two unique volumes, each one housing various aesthetics. Scroll ahead for a peek inside and to learn more about the property's compelling details.

The upper volume—where the garage, kitchen, service areas, two bathrooms, and a patio are located—is a half-submerged body of stone set within the upper section of the slope. 

This stone volume emerges from the topography like an ancestral cave, with its mouth serving as the entrance to the house. 

This volume has a rough hewn façade of stacked stones, and a green roof that seems to meld with the green hills of the surrounding El Boldo Park.

Set on the lower section of the slope, the second volume has a more modern facade, featuring concrete, steel, and glass materials.

This lower volume features a series of light-filled patios. It also houses the main living areas, which are located under a wooden pavilion. 

The home has 4,305 square feet house of living space. Each volume conveys different character and expresses different moods. 

On the lower level is a fully-glazed living and dining space that leads to an outdoor pool and terrace area. 

On the opposite end of the pool is an ensuite bedroom that is connected to a smaller, corner terrace.

A material palette of concrete, wood, stone, and marble both contrast and complement the native sclerophyll trees around the site.

A glimpse at the breathtaking views available from the home.

Built with thick stone walls that create two horizontal planes in between the forest, the house has a roof made of glass and steel.

Thanks to the expansive windows and multiple skylights, natural light is able to pour into the interior spaces of the home.

A sectional drawing.

A floor-plan drawing.

Project Credits: 

Architect and builder: SUN Arquitectos 

Structural engineering: Alfonso Larrain y Asociados Ltda. 

Civil engineering: Sebastian Alemparte 

Lighting design: OpenDark 

Interior design: Estudio Noguera 

Photography: Nico Saieh


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