Top 5 Cabins of the Week That Perfectly Define “Cozy”
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Top 5 Cabins of the Week That Perfectly Define “Cozy”

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By Samantha Daly
Fall is finally here and we’re itching to get out of the city and enjoy the great outdoors. Take a peek at these cozy cabins pulled from the Dwell community that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. Island Cabins

To allow the two Island Cabins to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, goCstudio chose to have fir trees from the island milled and then used to clad both structures.

Architect: goCstudio, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "Located in the Pacific Northwest, these two island cabins nestle into the natural landscape of this beautiful site. The project is comprised of the new construction of a small sleeping cabin and a complete remodel of an existing cabin. It was very important that these cabins be mindful of their environmental impact on the site and be as energy efficient as possible, with a goal of net zero energy. This way of thinking also influenced the choice of materials for the cabins. The exterior siding is a reverse board and batten system with varied vertical board widths; a nod to traditional siding methods while giving the cabins a clean modern look."

2. Penny Brook Cabin

On the loft level of Penny Brook Cabin, a loft bedroom looks out to the surrounding forest.

Interior designer: Peter and Paula Washington, Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

From the interior designer: "We had no previous building experience and just approached it slowly and with a lot of optimism. We built with lots of local and salvaged materials (including 1,800 square feet of salvaged 100- year-old Douglas fir from a local university). We went through a lot of sacrifices to build it: financial, time, friendships, and personal, but we came out the other end understanding how to trust each other."

3. Off Grid Cabin in the Texas Hill Country

"This cabin is nestled in the middle of the woods, with our own cabin just a stone's throw away," says Marlena Jarjoura.

Interior designer: Marlena Jarjoura, Location: Blanco, Texas

From the interior designer: "Our cabin was built completely by us and is off grid, using solar panels for electricity, filtered rain water, wood stove for heat, and a composting toilet. It is situated amongst 37 acres in the Hill Country of Texas and is the perfect retreat into nature for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Our front and roof decks offer miles of view of the Hill Country, overlooking Blanco River Valley, and sunsets here are truly magical."

4. Heva

Heva was designed by A6A and manufactured by My Little Loft.  A spacious deck and large glass doors allow for seamless indoor/outdoor living.

Architect: A6A, Location: Anglet, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

From the architect: "Prefabricated in our workshop, transportable by road and autonomous to varying degrees, it draws from its elements [from nature]: the sun, the water, and the wood of which it is entirely constituted. Heva's drawing is based on a balance of proportions, masses, and energies."


FLEXSE by SA lab clocks in at 328 square feet, with an oval footprint that maximizes floorspace.

Architect: SA lab, Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

From the architect: "FLEXSE is a modern view of a traditional Scandinavian BBQ house and a first prototype of a compact module. During winter or in cold weather it is cozy and comfortable to cook and chill inside, while in summer the open terrace is a nice place to spend time. The module can be assembled in parts on site and consists of 100% recyclable materials. The structure can be positioned on different foundations—concrete slab, metal piers, etc., which allows for placing it in the most remote areas, even on water. The module is also extensively customizable inside and outside." 

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