29 Svelte Bedside Table Lamps for Light That’s Just Right

29 Svelte Bedside Table Lamps for Light That’s Just Right

Whether you’re headed to bed or greeting the day, set the mood—or just find your phone—in style.

The bedside table lamp is accent lighting at its best: It can foster a calming environment to usher in sleep, provide a warm glow as we round out the day with a good read in bed, or even rev up the romance when the moment strikes. Whatever your routines may hold, herein are our favorite bedside table lamps to light the way.

SIN Mima Table Lamp
Time to lighten up. Inspired by the Mima Mounds of southwest Washington, this little domed lamp is almost just as much of a natural phenomena—it’s completely one of a kind.
Hay PC Portable Lamp
Designed by Pierre Charpin, the PC Portable Lamp (2019) provides light where it’s specifically needed, at least until it’s needed elsewhere. Its durable construction and scratch- and water- resistant finish keep it looking good. The light source is hidden from view by a polycarbonate diffuser.
Menu JWDA Concrete Table Lamp
The Menu Lighting JWDA Concrete Table Lamp exhibits a softer side to the roughness of industrial materials, smoothing pure concrete in to a cylindrical base that supports a rounded glass diffuser. The white glass is delicately cradled within the base, and glows warmly once lit.
Wooj Design Pleat Lamp
The Pleat Lamp is the result of a blend of methodical programming and cheerfully flippant serendipity—exposing Wooj’s computationally derived designs to physical chance and happy accident—to yield a result which feels at once refined and whimsical.
Graypants Wick Brass
Wick is designed with the belief that light is meant to be shared: it is the connecting tool that humanizes moments of our lives. Creating a place to gather, Wick is designed to be a companion, to join in adventures and create togetherness and ambiance every time.
Gantri x Silvon Tray Table Light
Silvon, the science-backed startup known for elevating ordinary home goods introduces TRAY Table Light, a new lighting design created to encourage better bedtime rituals. TRAY Table Light was created as a solution for cluttered nightstands.
Misewell Q Lamp
Brothers Vincent and Paul Georgeson founded Misewell in 2009 with an eye on crafting local, well designed and responsibly made furniture. Today, Misewell is an award-winning design company that creates modern pieces for your home, office and more.
Blu Dot Filter Table Lamp
Brighten a space with artistic flair by adding the Filter Table Lamp by Blu Dot. It's an eye-catching light source made with 2 powder coated steel discs enhanced with perforated detail.
Houseplant Stack Lantern Ashtray
A highly-portable light with a built-in ashtray, like most of the other lights we make. Take it for a walk-and-talk with a friend, or hunker down on a lawn chair and set it down beside you. Wherever you’re going, the Stack Lantern is there for you.
Pablo Designs Piccola Table Lamp
The function and beauty provided by the Piccola Table Lamp by Pablo Designs are limited only by the owner's imagination.
Wooj Design Wavy Lamp
You can find comb jellyfish aimlessly wandering in the Pacific Ocean. That’s a long way away from New York, but being mindless and wavy sometimes hits closer to home. Made of heat-resistant corn-based plastic, these wiggly wonders are 3D printed and assembled to order from our studio in Brooklyn.
Schoolhouse Sidnie Lamp
A unique, mushroom-shaped lamp that is sure to inspire joy wherever it rests. The era-defying appeal of the Sidnie Lamp flows out of its charismatic personality and exceptional usability.
Muuto Control Table Lamp
The Control Table Lamp from Muuto is underscored by designer TAF Studio’s approach to creating seemingly simple pieces with a humorous and thought-provoking quality.
Hay Matin Table Lamp
Known for works that display a lightness of touch and a bold personality, Inga Sempé created a lamp that strikes a romantic note, on or off.
CB2 Cove Tall Ceramic Table Lamp
Table lamp by Lawson-Fenning honors the California craft movement and the natural materials used within it. Brown ceramic base features a matte finish and reactive glaze, accented by discs of white oak layered in between.
Tala x David Weeks Table Lamp
In what is Tala’s first international collaboration, New York design veteran David Weeks has offered a playful take on some of Tala’s most celebrated light bulb designs, creating four sleek table lamps reflecting the form and finish of the bulbs in their base volume.
Herman Miller Nelson Ball Tripod Lamp
While outfitting his office, architect and Herman Miller design director George Nelson discovered a silk-covered Swedish hanging lamp that he coveted but found too expensive.
Allsop Luna Touch LED Lamp
Beam on.  If we’re really honest with ourselves—none of us actually grow out of night lights. The soft glow in the dark reminds us of the moon, looking out over the world and inspiring so many songs (oh hi, Cat Stevens).
Flos Snoopy Table Lamp
The name of this FLOS classic says it all. Inspired by Charles M. Schulz’s beloved “Peanuts” comic strip, Italian brothers Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed the Snoopy Table Lamp in 1967.
Gantri x Louis Filosa Cantilever Table Light
Inspired by iconic shapes and geometry, Cantilever is a simple, spherical table light with a whimsical twist. Its off-center globe sits on an elevated base to provide 360 degrees of warm, ambient glow with a space-saving footprint. Cantilever will make you smile every time you see it. It’s perfect...
Loftie Lamp
Our stylishly minimalist Loftie Lamp is designed to bring you healthier sleep and happier mornings. It also keeps away the dark.
Artemide Eclisse Table Lamp
Nothing can eclipse the cool modern style of the Eclisse Bedside Table Lamp. This classic 1967 design by Vico Magistretti features a friendly, rounded and petite form made entirely of glossy painted steel. A shield around the bulb is easily rotated to control the amount of light emitted.
Gantri x Sam Gwilt Encore Table Light
Step into the limelight with Encore Table Light, Sam Gwilt’s sophomore release with Gantri.
Blu Dot Bub Table Lamp
Shade and base are one in this deceptively simple and entirely alluring hand blown glass lamp. Part art object and part functional illumination, the Bub Table Lamp will spruce up any room.
Gantri x Ammunition Carve Table Light
The Carve Collection’s monolithic forms and seamless surfaces give it a sculptural feeling. Each piece has a personality and function of its own, yet the collection hangs together in a way that feels connected.
In Common With Puck Table Lamp
Nicholas Ozemba and Felicia Hung call their studio In Common With, but their playful lighting is in a class of its own. Named after its hockey-puck shape, their Puck Table Lamp features a glass top and steel base, and comes in five friendly shades that add a touch of whimsy to any WFH situation.
Koncept Mr. N Table Lamp
Fashion-forward design with cutting-edge technology: Meet Mr. n. The Koncept Mr. n™ LED Table Lamp features an innovative arched design that provides warm, omnidirectional light with energy efficient LED technology.
Flos Glo-Ball Mini T Table Lamp
Unconcerned with creating novel forms, Jasper Morrison prefers to add fresh perspective to common items. His Glo-Ball Mini Table Lamp (1998) does just that, infusing the ubiquitous fixture with a quiet glamor.
Fatboy Transloetje
Edison the Petit, undressed. The Fatboy Transloetje is a transparent version of that original--and popular--lighting design.

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