Top 5 Homes of the Week Where Bathtubs Reign Supreme

These modern bathtubs have quite the view. Take a peek at the homes from the Dwell community that caught our editor’s eye with their top-notch bathroom design.

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1. Tōrō House

"Tōrō House is a study in the harmony of dualities," says architect Mark English. Inspired by Japanese design, the home harmoniously unites with nature—as seen here in the master bathroom, where the tub overlooks the outdoor space.

Architect: Mark English Architects, Location: Woodside, California

From the architect: "Tōrō House is a renovation and addition to an existing single-family home in Woodside, California. The home sits on a hillside marking the interface between a redwood forest grove to the east and a deciduous grove and meadow to the west. The original midcentury home was laid out in an L-shaped plan around a central terrace facing a singular monumental redwood tree. The site is subject to 50-foot setbacks on all sides, and the existing home extended well into several of them. The buildable area left for an addition and pool was therefore a narrow, triangular shape bisected by an unbuildable steep slope."

2. Tiburon Bay View House

Walker Warner Architects utilized the entire site to give this home the feeling of a compound rather than a stand-alone building. Deep overhangs elongate the home’s horizontal shape, while asymmetrical window and door arrangements establish a visual rhythm underneath the unifying roof.

Architect: Walker Warner Architects, Location: Tiburon Peninsula, California

From the architect: "The Tiburon Bay View residence is a classic and inspiring abode that embodies the contemporary through its clean lines and modern design. Nestled on an east-facing bluff of the Tiburon Peninsula, the two-story home looks out onto the San Francisco Bay, while the west side of the property provides a natural buffer from the road and neighboring houses. The secluded home was crafted to accommodate visiting friends and a multigenerational family environment, offering a harmonious balance between private spaces for relaxing and public spaces for entertaining and communal activities."

3. Strata House

A key feature in SAAD’s Strata House is the serene Japanese bath.

Architect: SAAD, Location: Hokkaido, Japan 

From the architect: "The Strata House pushes the boundaries of residential architecture with an abstracted design that’s far from typical housing tropes. Three cleanly defined rectilinear blocks stack up in a seemingly carefree manner—like children’s building blocks writ large. The site is bordered by a house on one side, another to the rear, and a view of Mt. Yotei to the front in the northeast. The house is oriented lengthwise toward the premium vista, with a cluster of existing trees tucked in-between the house and the neighbor on the side. Rather than blocking the prized mountain view, this arrangement generously shares it by allowing visual porosity through the plot."

4. Bentleyville Residence

The Bentleyville Residence’s bathroom features large windows and folding doors that provide expansive views of the surrounding woodland.

Architect: Dimit Architects, Location: Bentleyville, Ohio

From the architect: "This new single-family residence was designed for a young family outside of Cleveland on a private, wooded lot. The home is massed about an exterior courtyard featuring a generous pool and outdoor living room with kitchen. The family loves to entertain, and they requested that the home have an easy flow between spaces. The family retained the previous home at the front of the lot, transforming it into a guest lodge and retreat space. The exterior of each structure features a natural exterior palette of stained cedar, stucco, and stone with a standing-seam metal roof."

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The spa-like bathroom of Casa Myhrer Hauge offers sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor wanted the design to play off of nature, not encroach on it.

Architect: Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor, Location: Oslo, Norway

From the architect: "This house is not merely about aesthetics—it’s about bringing natural settings and architecture into dialog. Thus, the house itself is not taking anything away from nature—it is bringing nature back, and even emphasizing the encounter of nature."

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