This Los Angeles Bungalow Hides a (Nearly) Invisible Shield of High-Tech Home Protection

In Long Beach, California, a renovated Spanish bungalow integrates a powerful network of home security devices–but they won’t be the first thing you notice.
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When homeowner and designer Laura Genevieve came across a 1920 Spanish bungalow in need of TLC, she knew it had potential–with a little love–to be a cozy and inviting future home for her young family.

Keeping the original bones, Turquoise + Tobacco’s Laura Genevieve breathed new life into her 1920s Spanish bungalow, orchestrating a luminous remodel for her family of three.

Founder of Turquoise + Tobacco, Laura began the careful transformation of the charming bungalow, infusing her signature laid-back and relaxed bohemian aesthetic. "I pull inspiration from our two favorite places when designing, the ocean and the desert, using cacti and palms, muted tones, soft and comfortable furnishings, and a neutral palette," describes Laura. Guided by that inspiration, the reimagined home, lovingly named Blanco Bungalow, was born.

A bold black door makes a statement at the front entry – which is protected by a discreet video doorbell.

As first-time homeowners, Laura and her husband, along with their two-year-old son, had not only their home’s security, but their family’s safety, at the forefront of their thoughts once the renovation was complete. "This is our first house, [so] safety and reliability were–and continue to be–so important to us as homeowners," emphasizes Laura. Turning to SimpliSafe, the couple was attracted to the system’s flexibility, affordability, top-notch protection, and ease of DIY install. "It couldn’t have taken more than an hour or two to outfit the whole home – it was so easy!" says Laura.

Dreamy arches and original casement windows showcase the bungalow’s 1920s charm. While over 25 original windows flood the home with natural light, each of these entry points needed to be secured – easily and inconspicuously achieved with SimpliSafe’s compact entry sensors.

With so much care and thought dedicated to the home’s transformation, SimpliSafe’s clean and minimal aesthetic was a key draw for Laura. "In choosing a security system for my home, it was very important to integrate products that did not visually compete with my design. I wanted a system that had a low profile, modern look, and seamlessly fit in with my décor," explains Laura. "Sometimes I forget it’s even there!"

SimpliSafe was founded to meet the need for an adaptable home security system that could grow with people as their families expanded, they moved, or their needs changed. The wireless touch-to-wake keypad goes dark when not in use and lights up when engaged – and has the freedom to easily be placed anywhere, relocated, or removed.

Although overflowing with charm, the 100 year old bungalow had many unique security needs to consider. With over 25 original windows that needed to be secured, Laura relied on SimpliSafe entry sensors to monitor each opening. "Our motion and entry sensors are the core components of SimpliSafe home security systems and continue to be some of the most popular," shares Dirk Ahlgrim, Head of Product Design at SimpliSafe. Audio chimes quickly alert Laura to an open window – important for an outside threat or rambunctious toddler. "Our son started walking when we moved in, so having the sound alerts on the windows and doors was a must!" emphasizes Laura.

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SimpliSafe’s base station – the control center of the system – is nearly undetectable among Blanco Bungalow’s carefully curated treasures.

Not losing sight of their personal responsibility to customers, SimpliSafe continually instills the confidence that users’ privacy is, and always will be, protected. "All of our products are designed to provide our customers with privacy when they want it, and protection when they need it," emphasizes Ahlgrim. The SimpliCam HD, for example, incorporates a mechanical privacy shutter that can be switched on and off by the user, physically blocking the video stream when enabled. "Home security is just as much about peace of mind as it is protection," says Ahlgrim, a sentiment echoed by Laura. "If I forget to set the alarm once we’ve left the house, I can do so remotely. If someone comes to the door while I’m gone, not only do I get an alert on my phone, but I can see them and even communicate with them," she says. "I love it."


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