London Design Festival: Twee Party

By Sam Jacob / Published by Dwell
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There seems to be a crockery revival—Tent has a whole host of young designers showing ceramic work of one kind or another. Perhaps the most beautiful was the 'Blaue Blume' range of tableware by Undergrowth Design.

The pieces rework traditional and fragile material into something eclectic and subversive. Surreal touches—a pair of shapely legs instead of a handle, flowery borders which seem to have overgrown the objects they decorate—embellish traditional types of tableware such as cake stands, tea cups and sugar bowls. They seem both childish (in a good way) and nostalgic—perfect for a spooky kind of twee-party.


Sam Jacob


Sam is a director of FAT architecture firm in London. He is professor of architecture at Yale, runs, writes for various architecture magazines, collects souvenir buildings, and has recently loaded far too much Krautrock onto his iPod.

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