London Design Festival: Straw Bale Seat

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By Sam Jacob
The Greenhaus is a design collective of British designers whose work revolves around concepts of sustainability. Their standout product at the London Design Festival is Neil Barron's plastic-wrapped straw bale.

It not only allows you to live out a barnyard, back-to-nature fantasy, but also suggests something modern. Somehow, the application of unsustainable packaging design—individual apples in vacuum-formed cases for example—transforms the technique. It's a neat, clever hybrid that's both wipe-clean contemporary and farmyard raw.

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London Design Festival: Straw Bale Seat - Photo 1 of 1 -

Sustainability was a popular topic at the 2008 London Design Festival. The British design collective Greenhaus featured Neil Barron's plastic-wrapped straw bale mixing natural farm materials with unsustainable packaging design to create a modern piece of furniture.