London Design Festival: Kanittha Mairaing

By Sam Jacob / Published by Dwell
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Goldsmiths' postgraduate design community have a show at The Boiler House, Old Truman Brewery, on Brick Lane as part of the London Design Festival. Amongst the work shown is the 'Unfortunates' collection by Kanittha Mairaing. There's a black comedy to the project, as objects employ superstitions that supposedly bring bad luck.

Thus the umbrella lamp stand requires you to open its shade in order to use it–which according to folklore means there will be a death in the house before the year is out. Equally, the mirror comes with a sweet little hammer set inside its ornate frame, and requires you to crack the mirror to complete its installation–another seven years bad luck.

Matching these cloying domestic myths to objects develops a quirky, comic-gothic feel–housewares for the Lemony Snicket generation.


Sam Jacob


Sam is a director of FAT architecture firm in London. He is professor of architecture at Yale, runs, writes for various architecture magazines, collects souvenir buildings, and has recently loaded far too much Krautrock onto his iPod.

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