This Minimalist Micro Cabin Is a Tranquil Retreat in Canada’s Wilds

This Minimalist Micro Cabin Is a Tranquil Retreat in Canada’s Wilds

By Cullen Ormond
L'Abri reinterprets the legendary A-frame to create a secluded shelter just north of Ottawa, Canada.

This micro cabin is nestled beneath towering fauna deep within Canada’s Poisson Blanc Regional Park. Montreal-based L’Abri designed the serene shelter to provide space for up to four guests to find solitude, rest their traveled bones, and deepen their appreciation for nature.

"It was important for the designers to create a simple, almost sculptural structure that would provide functional and nature-oriented spaces," L’Abri writes.

And the space reflects that goal. The interior is minimal—the only decoration being patches of sunlight or shadow that flit across the wood walls. The bare space allows the focal point—a large bay window with uninterrupted views of the wilderness—to shine. On the first floor, guests can converse around a dining table that converts into a bed, make a snack in the kitchenette, or admire the view in the living area. 

If guests prefer more privacy, they can climb the ladder to the sleeping area under the vaulted, cathedral-like ceiling. The massing is reminiscent of a truncated A-Frame, with half of the home enclosed, and half designed as an outdoor patio and kitchen. The exterior is clad in natural cedar board that will silver over the years, allowing the home to blend into its forested site.

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