Bathrooms We Love: Beauty and Home Vlogger Kristin Johns Showcases Her Glistening Bathroom in L.A.

The YouTuber gives a closer look at the bathroom she broadcasts to her half million subscribers.
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Kristin Johns: My husband and I moved into our house last February‚ and the bathroom was one of the main spaces we wanted to redo. It had a tiled-in standalone tub and a single vanity‚ and it was laid out in a way that was more closed off‚ which made it feel small and dark. I do a lot of work with skincare brands and bath and body products‚ so I knew I needed a bathroom that had good lighting and photographed well. As it was‚ it looked too outdated. We wanted our whole house to be bright and airy‚ but still cozy‚ and that definitely extended to the bathroom‚ where we decided to knock down some walls and add a window. 

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