Kitchen Connoisseurs, Prepare to Fall in Love With Fisher & Paykel’s New California Showroom

Kitchen Connoisseurs, Prepare to Fall in Love With Fisher & Paykel’s New California Showroom

By Jensen Power
Presented by Fisher & Paykel
Located in Costa Mesa, California—the creative center of Orange County—the showroom lets designers, architects, and homeowners explore next-level kitchen appliances.

New Zealand–based Fisher & Paykel built its new showroom with the goal of introducing the California design community to its enduring dedication to innovative design in the high-end kitchen industry. 

"We’re trying to help designers create new experiences for their clients when they’re creating a new kitchen so they can break the traditional [work triangle] mold," explains Fisher & Paykel executive Laurence Mawhinney. With that in mind, the showroom offers visitors a unique, human experience where they can interact with various Fisher & Paykel appliances. 

View the video below to get a glimpse of the gorgeous space. 

To gain inspiration and understand the product’s full capabilities, guests can interact with them in a variety of ways. For example, they can enjoy a live kitchen experience with the executive chef, Chef Rob Wilson, who cooks on-site and educates guests about the products and their features. Watching the master at work and witnessing the intuitive and thoughtful design of the appliances, visitors can get a sense of how to integrate the pieces into their own chef-worthy kitchens. The space isn’t just a showroom—it becomes an experience center that helps you envision your home.

Fisher & Paykel’s latest North American showroom, located in Costa Mesa, California, allows design enthusiasts to get up close and personal with powerful appliances that marry aesthetics and functionality.

Fisher & Paykel’s cooking products are on display for guests to interact with, getting a feel for how they might perform in the home. 

There’s also a "plan and choose" area that allows guests a hands-on, physical opportunity to work with their clients to create a model kitchen, using wooden blocks and graph paper to build a miniature space. It’s a playful, tactile, collaborative way for designers and homeowners to work together to lay out a personalized space. Every aspect of the showroom was built to celebrate design and encourage engagement. 

The showroom’s "plan and choose" area allows designers to create three-dimensional floor plans with blocks that represent Fisher & Paykel’s different offerings.

The company’s executive chef is on-site to prepare fresh, inventive dishes and demonstrate the performance of Fisher & Paykel’s well-considered designs.  

The space is designed to create human experiences. The Social Kitchen is where visitors can relax and truly feel at home, while enjoying a meal with the Fisher & Paykel showroom team over thoughtful conversation.

Fisher & Paykel is devoted to innovation and collaboration in their designs, with a goal to make people’s lives easier. Here, in their third North American outpost, the brand shares its core design values—real, generous, human, curious—with visitors, creating a warm, human experience that demonstrates how expert craftsmanship, fine finishes, and technology can make all the difference. 

Fisher & Paykel has created a home-like environment for guests, allowing for a personal, human experience.  

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