A Furnished Tiny Home With Japanese and Scandinavian Vibes Is Offered at $99K

Also available unfurnished for $89,000, this 330-square-foot dwelling is an artful example of “Japandi” style.
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It was Stephen Proctor’s dream to swap his life in Nashville for something quieter in the Pacific Northwest. He sold his home, paid off his debts, and purchased a rural lot to park a tiny house along the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, Oregon.

Less than a year old, this tiny house is up for sale in the Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon. The 31-foot-long, 8.5-foot-wide structure features a contrasting facade of natural cedar and painted board-and-batten siding.

Inside, the approximately 330-square-foot space features two lofts at either end. The home is currently outfitted with a mix of designer furnishings, which can be negotiated in the sale.

"As a visual artist and experience designer, having a home that reflects my own personal aesthetic was important," says Stephen. "I collaborated with a local tiny house builder, Matt Impola of Handcrafted Movement, finding a nice balance between personal design requests and trusting his overall judgement to create a space that flowed well."

Both the interior and exterior feature contrasting shades of  black and natural wood tones, which Stephen first imagined after picking up a Theo coffee mug and teapot by the brand Stelton. The matte-black ceramic base and simple bamboo handle and lid eventually inspired him to mimic the combination throughout the tiny home. 

In a sunlit corner, a wooden desktop sits on black trestles from IKEA. "I first created the desk setup to mimic the mug and teapot, which Stelton describes it as 'Scandinavia meets Japan,'" explains Stephen. "Similarly, the overall design [of the tiny home] intended to honor the spirit of Japanese tea culture while incorporating the style of Nordic minimalism."

A look from the desk toward the kitchen shows an Italian leather couch from Article along one wall, with a pair of stools by Poly & Bark along another. Cleverly, a pull-down shade across from the couch doubles as a projection surface for watching TV.

"I previously spent time with Japanese-American artist Makoto Fujimura as well as Keiko Yanaka, a Japanese tea master apprentice," Stephen comments. "Between Makoto's ‘slow art’ and Keiko’s tea ceremonies, I’ve been on a journey of learning to be. I wanted my space to reflect this contemplative posture as a place of peace."

After moving the tiny house to its current location in early 2020, the call from local permitting officials quickly unraveled Stephen’s plans. "I found myself in the middle of a perfect bureaucratic storm," he says. "When it comes to tiny house regulations, every municipality is different, as is every county and state. In my area, rules require the home to be put down on blocks and secured. Although there is a way forward to get it properly permitted, at this point I would prefer to sell and start over from scratch."

A closer look at the kitchen area, where leather cabinet pulls and open shelving complement wood counters and a custom stair railing. Stephen’s inspirational tea pot and mug sit along a shelf above the bathroom doorway.

A small window above the kitchen sink looks out at the surroundings.

The kitchen also comes with a 21-inch propane stove and oven, as well as a two-door fridge/freezer unit tucked into a cubby along the opposite wall (not pictured).

Stephen isn’t quite ready to give up on his Walden-esque dream, though. "The [long-term] idea was always to live in a modern cabin, and the tiny house was a step in that direction," he says. "I plan to keep the land and rebuild something else—this time in sync with my local permitting requirements and following the same aesthetic."

Stephen recently listed the tiny house with an asking price of $99,000 (fully furnished) or $89,000 (unfurnished), not including transportation costs. "I hope to find [a buyer] who has a deep longing for a creative space that serves as both an escape from this noisy, chaotic world and a place that awakens their imagination," he adds.

A full bathroom along the back of the lower level features a shower and toilet outfitted for septic hookup. The space also features a washer/dryer unit in the opposite corner.

Upstairs, a sleeping loft above the bathroom fits a full size mattress by Tuft & Needle, along with a built-in chest of drawers along one side.  

A view from the sleeping loft.

Outside, a pair of moveable six-foot-square cedar decks also come with the sale and can be packed inside of the home for traveling. LED lights, various hookups, and an outdoor shower round out the exterior features.

For more information, see the listing website or @RivendellxPNW.

Also, follow @sproctor to check out Stephen’s future build.

Project Credits:

Tiny House Builder: Handcrafted Movement / @handcraftedmovement

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