In The Studio With Papier Mache Artist Kim Baise

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It’s hard to look at Kim Baise’s work without smiling. Baise is known for charming papier mache mobiles that contain sculptural depictions of everyday and otherwordly objects—houseplants, popsicles, seagulls, flamingos on roller skates. Painted in bright primaries and imbued with the imperfect texture that is inherent with papier mache, her pieces are playful, nostalgic, and downright hilarious. Photographer Jessica Comingore recently dropped by Kim’s Los Angeles studio for a peek into her process. Take a look below + shop Kim’s work on!

Tell us about your studio space.

It’s pretty much a dream for me. I can be at home with the family and work. The light is fantastic in my front room studio. It faces the street and I can look out the window and watch the kids roller skating and playing in the front yard. It’s personal, comfortable and put together to inspire. Some days I work outside on the back patio, that’s my other studio space!

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Early in the morning I open my shades and survey the neighborhood with a coffee… I see a dog, squirrel, a guy on a bike. (my quiet time before the storm to get 3 little kids off to school). Then I’m free to go for a jog before making art and packing orders. Midday I answer emails and print new orders, then pick up the kids. If I have a lot of orders, I usually work on the back porch with messy paper mache and painting until around 5pm. My husband’s home in the afternoon and cooks dinner which allows me to keep on. It’s always a full day.

Where do you seek inspiration?

I seek inspiration from all sorts of sources and always try to be open, mobile and on the lookout. I love to observe people on the street, go to see live music shows, art galleries, discover new murals, flea markets, watch films, read, nature hike, daydream… Taking all the little everyday things and observing them. Art is everywhere!

Why do you love Los Angeles?

Sunshine, the mountains, the beaches, the canyons, the music scene, opportunities, local eateries, diversity, culture, the murals, the palm trees and sunsets. It’s my birthplace, my earthquake and first love forever.


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