Huy Bui’s Brooklyn Loft Is Like a
Self-Contained Jungle

Huy Bui’s Brooklyn Loft Is Like a Self-Contained Jungle

By Dwell
It’s hardly a surprise that the Plant-in City cofounder lives surrounded by vegetation.

For many New Yorkers, seeing a sapling growing on the street counts as time in nature, but not Huy Bui. The designer/artist who co-created Plant-in City, a stackable-terrarium system made specifically for apartment-dwellers, lives in Brooklyn amid a domestic landscape flourishing with his favorite species. Pots and planters crowd almost every surface of his studio loft, but the centerpiece is a complex network of his own terrariums that also functions as a partition for his sleeping nook. Elsewhere, framed burlap sacks, a former workbench scarred with saw marks, and his mineral collection are on display. Earthiness, it seems, is a motif in both Bui’s work and life. 

New York designer/artist Huy Bui decorated his home with a mishmash of curios, from 19th-century burlap sacks found at an antique fair to a plywood workbench he carved with a Festool plunge saw. The 17-foot-long shelving unit is made of old heart pine fashioned from the beams of a brownstone renovation he worked on in the West Village. 

The dining table is made of a composite of different woods sourced from various projects.

Terrariums from Bui’s own company Plant-in City occupy the corner of the L-shaped apartment, providing privacy for his sleeping nook. 

A leather loveseat and projector are sheltered by the network of terrariums.

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