House of the Week: Plywood Perfection

House of the Week: Plywood Perfection

By Matthew Keeshin and Dwell
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This week on Pinterest, our readers got excited over this renovated Washington, D.C. home covered in plywood. The original brick house dates back to the 1920s and was renovated by the architecture firm NADAA. The wood on the interior wraps around the entire house. The sculptural staircase may look constructed from bent plywood, but all the panels are actually flat and cut to create the undulating effect. 

In renovating a historic brick home for family friends in Washington, D.C., architect Nader Tehrani of NADAAA used ordinary plywood to reconceive the central staircase. Lined with a series of striated, geometric panels, the resulting structure is lit by a polygonal skylight above. Tehrani also designed the Pentavola table—featuring five sides, one for each member of the family—which they use as a communal workspace on the second-floor landing.

Organic, undulating forms frame the stairwell that connects the first floor and garden floor. Though they give the appearance of bent plywood, each curved layer of the ribbed corridor was constructed with flat, laminated cutouts, including the rounded hand rail.  


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