Houndstooth Dogtent

The Houndstooth Dogtent was designed for an annual design/build camping trip hosted by the apparel brand F.S.C., which asked participating campers to create a "primitive luxury good" that would "take the 'rough' out of 'roughing it'." Common Space, in collaboration with Matt Penrose, chose to elevate the camp experience for canine companions with a collapsable, biodegradable plastic A-frame tent. Each piece of black and white plastic fits together to create a houndstooth pattern that folds over a bamboo stick-frame, lined on the interior with a smaller-scale houndstooth. The dog may not know how cool he is, but his owners' friends definitely will.



Diehard design lovers leave nothing to chance when it comes to outfitting their kids and pets. Though the style options for four-legged consumers haven't necessarily caught up with the design industry for the toddler set, there's more to pet pampering than doggie couture. Jon Santos, founder of the New York-based graphic design studio Common Space, created a canine camp shelter that does dog design right.

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