The Only John Lautner Home in Anchorage Asks $1.2M

The Harpel Residence II is one of a select few homes the master architect designed outside of California.
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John Lauter is best known for his many iconic designs in southern California—from the Elrod House in Palm Springs, made famous by the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, to the Chemosphere, a spaceship-like home in the Hollywood Hills. 

But a few of the master architect's structures can be found outside of the Golden State, including this recently listed property in Anchorage. As the only Lautner-designed home in Alaska, the waterfront property offers a rare opportunity for buyers willing to undertake the restoration.

Recently listed for sale, the 1966 Harpel Residence II in Anchorage is the only home John Lautner built in Alaska. An unassuming front facade provides a small hint of what's inside.

The home's centerpiece is a circular living area topped by a radial-beamed ceiling. A zigzagged wall of windows overlooks the lakefront location in College Village, about four miles southeast of downtown.

According to the John Lautner Foundation, only about a dozen of the master architect's 200 built and unrealized projects were located outside of California—including in Florida, Colorado, and Mexico, among others. 

This particular property, dubbed the Harpel Residence II, was commissioned by returning clients Willis "Bill" and Patty Harpel, who previously lived in Lautner's more famous Harpel Residence I, built a decade earlier in Los Angeles. Bill Harpel was a popular radio announcer in L.A. and went on to found the KHAR station after moving to Anchorage.

In the rear of the living area, the ceiling opens upward to meet a large skylight that tracks the sun's movement and maximizes sunlight during the shorter winter days. 

The elevated portion of the ceiling is supported by a trio of totem poles, which are original to the structure, as are other details such as the built-in couch and slate flooring.

1967 article in Life recounts the Harpel's challenges with importing labor and materials, as well as Bill's own work installing some of the finishes with the help of Lautner's go-to foreman, John De la Vaux.

"When a local firm asked $4,500 to install the living room floor, [Bill] ordered the slate from Seattle and put it in himself—for $600," the article notes. "To build the immense fireplace wall, he scrounged tons of rock, trucked it home, hoisted it with a block and tackle, and grouted it into place." Such projects were not new to Bill, who was also heavily involved in the construction of his original residence in L.A.

A dining space overlooks the sunken living area and provides direct access to a deck.

A wall of cabinetry extends from the kitchen and into the dining area. The triangular window pattern seen here is repeated throughout the interior.

A look at the kitchen, which also overlooks the living room via an open section of the wall.

More than 50 years later, many of the home's original details remain, although some are likely in need of restoration by the new buyers. Offered at $1,200,000, the home comes with four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a finished basement—all spread out across over 6,000 square feet of interior space. Keep scrolling to see more.

Lined by built-in shelving, a wide hallway leads to each of the four bedrooms.

The primary bedroom continues the interior aesthetic with wood-clad walls and ceilings.

The ensuite bathroom features a central window above the vanity and more original features.

A look at one of the home's other three bedrooms.

A view of the property across Lake Otis in Anchorage. The steel-ribbed concrete foundation is bolted to pilings reportedly sunk 12 feet into the lakefront soil.

The Harpel Residence II, located at 1900 Stanford Drive in Anchorage, Alaska, is currently listed for $1,200,000 by Jake Fiorelli of Perfle, LLC.

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