This Epic Green Roof Blurs the Boundaries Between Landscape and Home

This Epic Green Roof Blurs the Boundaries Between Landscape and Home

By Anna Squier
Set in a secluded natural setting, this L-shaped home emerges from the landscape with transparent walls and a lush green roof.

Constructed in Warmia, a northeastern region of Poland known as the Land of the Thousand Lakes, this uniquely modern home draws on local character and natural wonders to discreetly blend in with its site. The wild landscape inspired architect Przemek Olczyk of Mobius Architekci to embed a transparent building into the topography. When inside, occupants feel as though they are outside totally engaged with the elements.

The horizontal concrete assembly appears to hover gently above the landscape, touching only on supporting columns. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides transparency from outside to inside.

A wooden screen provide protection to the home’s entry, while the garage door is discreetly hidden in the quartz sinter facade.

The residence is named Green Line after its unique architectural form, which extends from the hillside to the horizon. The home is topped with a green roof and nestled into the embankment. From a distance, it’s camouflaged into its surroundings and almost disappears from view.

A "green line" extends out above the home’s volume and runs along the fold of the gabled roof.

From a distance, the grass-covered roof disappears into the native landscape.

The wooden lamella detail beneath the gabled peaks makes reference to traditional Warmian-Masurian cottages, which are decorated with wooden boards arranged in various patterns.

As the roof folds and the grade recedes, a concrete-and-glass structure with wood accents is revealed. A simple, reinforced concrete slab is suspended above the falling topography on a system of columns which provide support for the home’s living spaces.

A vertical skylight asymmetrically divides the folded roof plane while opening the interior of the upper floor to the surroundings.

The home’s L-shaped layout is reminiscent of farms in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, and it shields against strong winds from the lake beyond.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls maintain important view corridors for the occupants.

At night, the distinction between site and structure further diminishes as the home’s green roof blends into the land.

Totaling about 5,380 square feet, the low-lying horizontal form provides a feeling of intimacy in the expansive landscape. An open living area is located on the ground floor, while the bedrooms lie above. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls guarantee plenty of access to natural light and outward views in the most-used spaces. Outside, grand stairs reminiscent of monumental public spaces further engage the home with the landscape. 

The main living spaces wrap the interior courtyard. Grand stone steps connect the sleeping quarters above to the common areas below.

The internal courtyard strengthens the sense of seclusion and privacy this home provides. Large curtains can be closed or opened to reveal or hide the courtyard.

Green Line ground floor plan

Green Line upper floor plan

A diagram displays the formal "green line" and the connections between the topography, house, and lake.


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