Go Off The Grid With These Remote Rental Cabins in Cornwall

Standing above the ground, the architectural hideaways of Kudhva allow you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking English countryside.

Located on a 43-acre abandoned slate quarry in North Cornwall, Kudhva offers four unique wilderness cabins, specifically constructed for the picturesque environment they inhabit. 

Designed by architectural designer Ben Huggins of New British Design, the four prototypes are intended to be the first phase of a wider masterplan for the site, offering visitors a chance to experience temporary small-scale experimental architecture in a beautiful and remote setting.

The cabins are constructed from structural, insulated paged-pine panels with an EDPM rubber membrane covering. 

The name Kudhva is taken from the Cornish word for 'hideout,' which is the main concept behind the development of these secluded retreats. 

Huggins worked with his client and long-term collaborator, Louise Middleton, on the project brief before developing the cabins.

 A larch slatted skin covers the cabin that is elevated above the ground on turned pine poles.

"The design had to be a movable structure that was capable of being manufactured off-site and then transported to its intended location as a complete unit," explains the architect. 

From their elevated position amongst the trees, these tiny cabins offer a unique perspective on the Cornish landscape. 

The temporary prefabs offer phenomenal flexibility, and the off-site manufacturing ensures a higher quality structure.

The pre-fabrication of the structure helps ensure quality and ease of installation. 

The cabins are built in a nearby workshop by furniture maker Toby Sharp, along with a small team of master craftsmen. Once the structures have been assembled, they are then transported to their intended site, and are lifted onto their cradle bases. 

Once the cabins have been built, they are transported to the site for installation.

The structures are elevated above the ground on turned pine poles. 

The cabins come equipped with minimalist interiors and pulley-operated doors. 

The triangular windows let in breathtaking views of the Cornish countryside.

The petite interiors have a built-in sofa, along with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kudhva is also home to six Tentsile Tree Tents—which are perched in various locations around the site—as well as a temporary reception building that offers toilets and showers for guests to use. 

Tentsile tents are another option for an above-ground experience. 

Here is a quick peek at the communal reception building. 

A view of the Kudhva rooflines against the Cornish countryside.

Interested in your own hideaway? Click here more information on Kudhva or to book accommodations. 

Project Credits: 
Architect of Record: New British Design, Ben Huggins


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