Sleek Minimalist Design and Enduring Quality Transcend Gloster’s Latest Collections

The luxe teak outdoor furniture line launches three new collections that embrace technology and sustainability.

Known for their sleek, minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, Gloster has been ethically and sustainably manufacturing timeless, high-quality teak outdoor furniture for over 40 years. Founded in the 1960s in West Africa, the company transferred their production to Indonesia in the 1970s to meet increased demand and have access to sustainable, farmed teak. Sustainability has always been an important value and a part of their process since the beginning—and well before it was a common catchphrase. 

Teak, a close-grained hardwood with a high natural oil content, is exceptionally hard wearing, highly resistant to rotting, and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow—making it perfect for outdoor furniture. 

In Indonesia, the company leases a teak farm from the government where they plant only what they need and harvest only what they, themselves have planted. The land they use is owned and regulated by the Indonesian government and Gloster employees responsibly tend to both the land and the trees. 

Provenance is a priority and all of the wood used by Gloster can be traced back to its place of origin. 

The company also has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality pieces—every rounded corner and every single joint of each piece of furniture is crafted by hand. Designed for outdoor use, the pieces are elegant enough to put in your living room and durable enough for all-weather use. Gloster regularly collaborates with top international designers to create furniture that is on the cutting edge of both technology and design. For their 2019 collection, Gloster has expanded their interests into fabrics, launching a 3D-knit technology with their new product lines: Dune, Maya, and Kay.  


A mix of soft, rounded forms set on powder-coated aluminum frames and paired with Gloster’s signature teak base, the Dune collection has a refined, yet cozy bohemian vibe. When German designer Sebastian Herkner was asked what informs his designs, he responded "Architecture, crafts, materials, and colors are my influencers, but the craftsmen are the real heroes. They are the ones who transform my ideas into unique products." Recently awarded the 2019 Designer of the Year at Maison & Objet in Paris, Herkner’s desire for evolution and innovation inspired him to also create the specially designed fabrics featured in the Dune collection. Developed in collaboration with Sunbrella—a company well-known for their top-notch performance fabrics, and manufactured using a new 3D-knitting technology exclusive to Gloster, the mini capsule features repeating patterns that integrate deep dimensions and stretch in an earthy-pastel palette. "If you design something in high quality, in a responsible way, and with good materials, they can stay with you forever", says Herkner. 

The initial inspiration for the Dune collection was to create the perfect scenario for enjoying time with friends on an outdoor terrace. The collection’s focus on softness and comfort combines cozy cutting-edge upholstery, quilted blankets, and soft pillows.

Dune features luxurious knitted fabrics designed by German designer Sebastian Herkner and specially created in collaboration with Sunbrella. The construction uses Gloster’s signature teak base and sets cushions on a powder-coated aluminum frame.

The collection also includes an assortment of accessory tables with durable ceramic table tops.


Designed by Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, the Kay collection consists of a lounge chair, rocking chair, sofa, ottoman, and dining chair with arms. Comfortable and welcoming, the tight collection prides itself on its durability and its innovative design that riffs on the classic French cane which inspired the seating. Defined by an oversized backrest, the style marries a hardwearing, all-weather fiber with Gloster’s signature teak frame. Additionally, the back panel is available in two sizes—a high and low version, which can be mixed-and-matched allowing for a consistent look or eclectic variations.

Comfortable and welcoming, the Kay collection features a lounge chair, rocking chair, sofa, ottoman, and dining chair with arms. 

An all-weather wicker-like fiber is used to create the oversized, and dramatically curved French cane backrest which is available in two different sizes. The Kay collection comes in three colorways: Brindle, Harvest or Copper fiber set on the elegant teak frame.

Kay’s timeless, Scandinavian-style teak frame gives a nod to the classic French cane wicker—making it at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.  


Designed by British designer, Mark Gabbertas, the Maya collection is a remastered version of Gloster’s classic Cloud collection—in fact, Maya means Cloud in Indonesian. The Cloud collection originally launched in 2010 and is credited with innovating the outdoor lounger category. The original concept incorporates the thinking and technology that makes outdoor styles as comfortable as indoor furniture. The Maya collection builds on this principle and refines it to reflect the sophistication of Gloster’s new design philosophy—with particular attention given to new cutting edge materials and technologies that are currently at the forefront of outdoor furniture design. The new engineered cushions have improved pitch, back height and more layers for comfort. Maya’s powder coated aluminum frame is lower maintenance than Cloud’s original stainless steel and is offered in Gloster’s signature frame colors, Meteor and White, which allows Maya to mix well with all the Gloster collections. In fact, the ability to mix and match the collections is one of Gloster’s overall goals.  

The evolution of an existing Gloster design, the Maya collection refreshes the aesthetic and adds innovations in new technology. 

The Maya frame features an ultra-slender powder coated aluminum profile connected to cast aluminum legs. The side and back cushions are subtly revised in profile, detail, and, above all, comfort.

Gloster’s goal is to utilize every part of the tree—in this quest for sustainability, the Maya collection’s accessories, such as side tables and screen/divider, use material leftover from the manufacturing process of the larger pieces. 


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