Gardening Products: Modern Portable Planter Pots

Gardening Products: Modern Portable Planter Pots

By Miyoko Ohtake / Photos by Peter Belanger
Today’s planters are smarter than ever. They breathe, they drain, and some even light up. So whether your thumb is as green as the plants you’re pruning or as brown as the compost you feed them, your garden should grow with the help of these...

You don’t need a garden to grow food or flowers. And even if you’ve got one, planters are often preferable. "With a backyard, you have to take into account so many things about your soil: clay, rocks, drainage," says Huffington Post food and garden blogger Kerry Trueman. "Container gardening is the ultimate way to go. You can move pots around, plant things next to one another that have different needs, and create the perfect soil for each."   

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