Friday Finds 7.22.11

In our current issue, we explored design for families, ranging from multi-generational households to couples with young children. For our Dwell Reports story, House Party!, we rounded up a handful of modern playhouses. A few readers commented on the pricetag of some of the designs, but get a load of Jaime's find for this Friday: $200,000 ultra-luxe playhouses for those with enough extra cabbage on hand to buy "bling for the yard." Read on for more on this story and to see what other current events caught our attention this week.
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Jaime: Child's Play, Grown Up Cash

I am both compelled and disturbed by this story on super-high-end playhouses and treehouses in the New York Times, which cost up to $200,000 (yes really) and which one woman (a former Playboy model and now-wife of an oil executive) describes as "bling for the yard." I love treehouses, and these would be amazing structures to grow up with. But what extraordinary wastes of money. Whatever happened to the good old, imagination-stoking cardboard box-and-marker hideout...? Alive and well, I assume, in other people's yards…

Miyoko: Print Making with Yellow Owl Workshop

Album covers designed by Alex Steinweiss, who passed away this week.

A new typeface designed by Skyrill as seen on Fast Company.

Last year, our resident crafter, associate editor Jordan Kushins, introduced us to stamp making with her first Home Work post and a how-to with tips from her and Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop. The two took to the stage at Dwell on Design for a live demo and I was inspired to give a go myself. Check out this video about projects from Schmidt's book Print Workshop. Warning: You may end up spending your whole weekend stamping too.

Aaron: We Mourn the Loss of Alex Steinweiss

One of my first stories for Dwell once I'd come on staff was an Archive on the wonderful graphic designer, illustrator, and father of the record cover, Alex Steinweiss. I interviewed the man and he was charming, playful, and insightful, taking me through the evolution of cardboard-packaged records in the white goods section of the department store to their current state as essentially a graphic expression of the music. He died on Sunday the 17th and his legacy is difficult to fully capture. Here's a nice obit from the New York Times as well as the story I did on Steinweiss.

Diana: Splashy Typefaces

Perused Fast Company's design blog today and read up on a typeface created by Skyrill, a design team out of Bahrain. "I really love how fluids look when floating in the air like raindrops, or splashing as they hit the ground," Hussain Almossawi told Fast Company. Click here for the full story and 5 animations showing how the letters are made.


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