Friday Finds 05.25.12

Wrap up the week with our roundup of architecture, art, and design finds.
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The Mamut Bowl base is made from Beechwood with Polypropylene container.

The new 3,500 square foot Bridge Pavilion stands on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Alejandro: Trio Grotesk's typeface release

Trio Grotesk started as a student project for the KABK Type & Media masters course in type design. During a visit to the Meermanno Museum in Den Haag, Florian discovered the only two remaining copies of Piet Zwart's essay. Instantly struck by the historical value of this booklet, he decided to revive the typeface in which it was set. See more work here.

Tammy: The ever-changing fruit bowl

Adjustable to suit serving size needs, 100 per cent recyclable, and easy to clean, Omelette-ed's Mamut Bowl might just be the last fruit bowl you'll need to buy. Made in Spain, the Mamut Bowl changes sizes according to how many turns you give its wooden ball. Check out Omelette-ed's latest video here for an inside look.

Aaron: John King's take on the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

For San Franciscans, the architectural hoopla this Memorial Day weekend is the 75th anniversary of the classic span, the Golden Gate Bridge. With $6 million of new construction including a matrix of trails and a prefab Bridge Pavilion by Project Frog and Jensen Architects, the revamped plaza and support structures will host loads of tourists over the celebration. Earlier this week, I saw the San Francisco Chronicle's urban design critic, John King, just back from touring the site. He laid the early returns on me over lunch, and the man is as elegant in print as he is in person. Here's his take on the additions to the Bridge complex, none of which (though is it even possible?) live up to the structure they're meant to support.

Trio Grotesk's typeface release.


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