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Like many, I'm a big fan of reusable bags (Timbuk2's Hidden bags are my favorites) but am quite guilty of bringing home handfuls of plastic bags after a trip to the grocery store. For the past few months, I've been eyeing Flip & Tumble's reusable Produce Bags.
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Flip & Tumble's first big product was their shopping bags that roll into stretchy, sown-in pouches so you could easily keep one on you at all times. The Produce Bags, which come in sets of five, can be tucked into your reusable bag so you're ready for those last-minute trips to the grocery.

The nice thing about Flip & Tumble's Produce Bags are the construction from polyester mesh, which makes them easy to clean (they're machine washable) and allows you to rinse your vegetables in the bag--no more spilled peas or berries down the drain. Each bag has its own colorful tag though I can't image the labeling being very useful since each bag is see-through and you'd need to create a rather complicated system to make it effective.

Nevertheless, at just $11 for a set of five, there's no reason to not stock up and start lowering your plastic use today. You can purchase the bags on flipandtumble.com or visit branchhome.com to stock up on these and other modern, ecofriendly goods. My Produce Bags (and large Floppy Basket by FUZ) should be arriving this week in the mail.

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