22 Can’t-Miss Deals From Finnish Design Shop’s Summer Sale

22 Can’t-Miss Deals From Finnish Design Shop’s Summer Sale

By Samantha Daly
Say hello to summer savings: take up to 50% off home furnishings and accessories at Finnish Design Shop.

Finnish Design Shop’s summer sale offers shoppers up to 50% off on nearly 300 products, including furniture, lighting, tableware, accessories, and more—and lasts until stock runs out. Here are our picks for the must-haves to outfit your home for the warmer months and beyond.

Eero Aarnio Ball Chair
Ball Chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in 1963 and presented at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne in 1966, and it became Aarnio's international breakthrough.
Gense Le Gourmet Gratin Form
Le Gourmet by Gense is a collection of simple cast iron pans, dishes and mortars that are well suited even for the most demanding domestic chefs. Cast iron objects will stand the test of time, and they can be used both on modern ceramic hobs and in traditional ovens.
Studio Macura Lava Vase
Studio Macura’s Lava is a clever vase that consists of a simple glass cylinder and a round pumice stone. The function of the pierced stone is to hold the stem of a plant straight – due to the oval shape the stone does not roll around but stays upright.
Normann Copenhagen Toj Clothes Rack, Large
Toj is a clothes rack designed for Normann Copenhagen by Simon Legald to store and at the same time display your clothes, shoes and bags. Toj is characterized by an industrial and simple expression and the idea behind it was to bring the wardrobe out from the cupboard.
Atlas of Brutalist Architecture
Atlas of Brutalist Architecture by Phaidon presents hundreds of brutalist masterpieces – existing and demolished – and their designers from different corners of the world.
Skagerak Piippu Slow Brewer
Piippu slow brewer, designed by Salla Huhtasela and Wesley Walters for Skagerak, is a sculptural and minimalist pot for brewing coffee or tea. Made of white porcelain with glazed inside and matte outside, Piippu consists of three parts: a pot with a small handle, a dripper and a delicate lid.
Hartô Hyppolite Desk, Oak
Hartô's Hyppolite is a mid-century inspired but still modern secretary desk designed by Florence Watine. An attractive combination of oak veneered top and metal legs, Hyppolite's sleek design doesn't take much space in the room but still gives you plenty of space for work.
Architectmade Trepas Tea Light Holder Set
Trepas Six from Architectmade is a set of six tealight holders in copper, steel and brass, designed by Peter Karpf in 1966. The candle flame will give a warm and vivid shine for the polished surfaces of the holders, and their clean, rounded shapes adorn all kinds of decors.
&Tradition In Between SK1 Chair
In Between SK1 chair, designed by Sami Kallio for &Tradition, is defined by the gaps in the crescent-shaped back and armrest. The shape of the wood veneer panels also give the chair its name: In Between. Made of solid ash or oak, In Between is an exercise in wood craftsmanship.
Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 Metallized Brass Pendant
The classic PH 3/2 pendant from Louis Poulsen features an innovative three-shade system developed by Poul Henningsen in the 1920s.
Skagerak Reflect Bookend
Reflect bookend by Skagerak is shaped like a triangle from the side and oval from the front. Its structure combines vivid oak with warm shine of brass. Designed by Nina Tolstrup, Reflect bookend makes a stylish gift for any book lover.
Aalto (Basic Art Series 2.0)
Published by Taschen, Aalto covers the career of the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898–1976). Aalto became famous for his warm, curving and natural style that characterizes his buildings, furniture, luminaires and tableware.
Foscarini Rituals 3 Table Lamp
Echoing the voluptuous contours and textural consistency of Japanese rice paper lanterns, the Foscarini Rituals 3 Table Lamp gracefully replicates those time-tested artisanal qualities using hand-blown glass.
Georg Jensen Sky Pitcher
A captivating combination of clear glass and stainless steel, Sky pitcher is perfect for serving water and other drinks with exceptional elegance. The pitcher is part of Georg Jensen’s tableware range designed by Aurelien Barbry.
Nedre Foss Glo Tealight Holder
Glo is a sculptural tealight holder, which will, true to Nedre Foss' ideology, serve its owner for at least a century.
Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2
The Rikke Hagen's Whiskey Glass combines elegance, pleasure and function in a simple, Nordic design. Whisky conveys an elegant expression, and the entire experience revolves around how you hold the Rikke Hagen Whiskey Glass in your hand.
Green Home Book
Green Home Book is a richly illustrated guidebook to a lush, green home.
Eva Solo Grill
Eva Solo grill is made especially for people who value unique design and quality. Now you can forget the monster grill that spoils the view in your garden.

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